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About our amazing donors

Our Expedition is entirely self-funded. We are raising funds for our chosen charities mainly via corporate and large donations, from our main donors. We have a number of individual donors too - who prefer to remain anonymous. All donations from our donors go entirely to our charities.


We pride ourselves in striving to make Código 1530 the most selective tequila in the world, using only perfect inputs and age old secret family processes. We hand select the best, fully-matured agave, to ensure that with each harvest, our agave’s Brix level (sugar content) meets our high standards, for a better tasting, smooth tequila. We make each batch naturally, without any added sweeteners or colours.

Established in August 1992 as an intimate jazz bar in Boat Quay, Harry’s has transformed over the years into an established, homely neighbourhood bar. They are currently Singapore’s largest chain of bar and dining establishments, with 19 outlets located across the island.

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Nomad Caviar brings the highest quality, sustainably farmed sturgeon eggs direct from the farm to your table so you can enjoy caviar the way it should be.

G Herbal knows that nature holds the power to allow you to live healthier and happier lives. The raw ingredients are locally sourced, directly from sustainably managed farms in their optimal growing regions, allowing you to extract the maximum benefits from each chosen ingredient 

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Sazz Initiative is a nonprofit entity headquartered in Singapore focused on running initiatives to better the lives and well being of migrant workers in Singapore, providing financial aid to under-privileged families to support household expenses, funding disadvantage student with their  innovative projects and ideas that solve real world problems and providing financial support for therapy programs to nurture students with Autism, funding projects to support young underprivileged women in the garment industry that equips them with skills for employment in Bangladesh.

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