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Children in School Bus

Fundraising for small but inspirational charities

We screened a large number of charities that are broadly focused on children and work in regions which we are traveling through. Key metrics included the efficiency of the charity - mainly how much as a percentage of funds raised gets deployed to actual projects and initiatives, net after ‘administration’ and charity running costs. We also looked at the quality of their work and the impact of their initiatives.

Please scroll down and check out our selected charities below. They are all inspirational and we have forged a good working relationship with the key individuals involved in their day to day activities. We are proud to be raising funds for them and look forward to visiting them en-route.

We have the option to add a fourth charity.

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Children’s Trust

The Darjeeling Children's Trust is a U.K. charity. It provides children in the Darjeeling area with a vital range of education and healthcare services. DCT has built its own children's home, employs a doctor and nurses who provide free medical care to children living in the home as well as to the over 60 children who attend other fee paying schools paid for by DCT. They also provide vocational training to their supported students, helping them prepare for careers in the hospitality and nursing sectors. 

Opening Your Heart to Bhutan

OYHTB was founded by Emma Slade, the first western woman to be ordained as a nun in Bhutan. OYHTB provides access to safe medical care, disability aids and basic amenities in the isolated rural areas of East Bhutan. Their premise is that the stigma of disability will continue unless disabled children receive the vocational education and life skills they need to help secure employment and live fulfilling lives. It believes in education as a means of empowerment and supports many community initiatives i.e. the digging of sewage systems, building of hostels and particularly the improvement of facilities at Draktsho East School, a vocational training and special needs centre in Tashigang.

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The Library Project

The Library Project operates in twenty-nine provinces throughout China. They work with the most underfunded rural elementary schools, orphanages, and community centers in some of the most remote regions of China.

Students attending rural school do not have access to the same quality of education as those attending urban schools.

TLP provides elementary schools new libraries, children's literacy programs, and teacher training. TLP has donated 1,372 reading rooms and 3,225 classroom libraries since its inception in 2019. More than 2,000,000 children’s books have reached the hands of over 1,000,000 eager children.

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