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Thanks to our Suppliers and Trade Sponors

We have been assisted by a number of companies who we have pestered, cajoled, begged and generally hounded to help us. Some have either donated or discounted parts, supplies, services, time and advice. This has helped us hugely to get to the start line. 

Makers of amazing campaign furniture, luggage and safari essentials. Melvill & Moon were the first company to get behind our expedition. We are gladly taking along their chairs, tables, seat covers, and other bits of kit. We hope to recreate a photograph taken in 1921 of the British Mount Everest expedition team, sat on the Roorkhee campaign chairs, at Everest base camp on the Tibet side. 

Manufacturers of 'indestructible' mirrors for military applications, commercial and civil transport vehicles, global motorsports and F1 teams, and even for humble Land Rovers. We have fitted our two Landies with Spafax indestructible mirrors, so we should be well set in case of minor collisions with tuk-tuks, lorries, cars, lamp-posts, or anything else that scrapes along the side of our vehicles

Serious Tissues make carbon-neutral, sustainable, U.K. made toilet paper and kitchen rolls, as well as plastic free zero waste laundry detergents. For every pack of Serious Soaps they sell, they recover 1kg of ocean-bound plastics. That’s the equivalent of fifty 500ml bottles or 500 crisp packets. We will test their products to the full - especially in the 'long drop' lavatories en-route

In 2007 British inventor Michael Pritchard created a portable water filtration device capable of providing a sustainable source of safe drinking water. This was the world’s first portable water filter capable of removing the smallest known waterborne viruses. Today Icon Lifesaver products are the go-to choice for humanitarian aid responses; clean drinking water is the first priority. They are also indispensable equipment for overland expeditions

Koni U.K. have helped us with the supply of the Koni "Raid" shock absorbers, fitted to both our vehicles. Tested and used under the world’s most extreme conditions, these shocks have been the damper of choice for many Dakar Rally racers and support vehicles in Africa and South America where performance, strength and safety are paramount. They are very strong and should cope with our heavily laden vehicles

My Carbon Plan is the only not-for-profit company dedicated to creating carbon offset projects in the UK. When looking at carbon offset schemes we were put off by the inefficiency and multiple layers of costs of the bigger schemes. We chose to work with My Carbon Plan because they are small and they have actually planted the trees that offset the emissions their clients seek to offset

With over 28 years of experience building, servicing and maintaining Land Rovers, Nene Overland prepared vehicles have traversed the far corners of the world. Both our Defender 110's were supplied and converted by Nene into highly capable expedition vehicles, ready to take on this expedition. They have been a constant source of good humoured advice and helped us hugely

Maverick 4x4 have supplied us with much of the Front Runner and expedition equipment we have needed to purchase for our project. Maverick 4x4 are the largest supplier of Front Runner products in the UK. They also hold stocks from other 4x4 wholesale suppliers including Allmakes, ARB, Old Man Emu and Britpart 

Black Box Solutions Ltd is a leading producer of diagnostic equipment for Land Rover vehicles. Their innovative hardware design combined with cutting edge software development makes their NANOCOM unit the 'go to' choice for expeditions. We are taking a NANOCOM Evolution diagnostic computer with us so we can plug into the vehicles ECU and get to the bottom of engine system fault codes

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